Integrated Standards Prep™ to help ALL students achieve success. Designed by teachers for teachers.


Principal, Santa Rosa ISD
“Scores went from the 60s to the 90s. Woooo!"
STAAR MASTER®, TEPSA Conference 2018

Teacher/Principal Mentee
“STAAR MASTER® has provided the rigor that students need to prepare for the STAAR® and critical thinking. Being a Title I school, my students still rise to the level and move to new heights.”
STAAR MASTER®, TEPSA Conference 2018

Principal, Grand Prairie ISD
“I’ve used the STAAR® prep booklets for several years. The questions are well-structured and help students advance thinking to the rigor required. Students love the challenge and the scores show it.”

5th Grade Dual Teacher, New Caney ISD
“As a teacher, I loved the product! It was easy to plan for STAAR® review in my Dual Language classroom since materials were available in both languages. Everyone was on the same page, all while differentiated to each child’s needs!”
STAAR MASTER®, TEPSA Conference 2018

Sikina D.
Math Teacher in Central TX
“STAAR MASTER® has allowed my students to be successful and gain tremendous insight into many concepts and skills. I use this series every year...I love it!”

Anita S.
Math Teacher in North TX
“I used STAAR MASTER® Student Practice Books all year long and was so excited when we got our test results at the end of the year. My eighth-grade students had a 96% pass rate.”

T.P. in Florida
“Last year, my students had a 93% success rate, and this year the students are excited and eager to use.” PREPWORKS®

Shay P.
Elementary Curriculum Coordinator in East TX
“STAAR MASTER® has been my ‘saving grace’ resource. My students have experienced success using this product, both academically and emotionally. I recommend STAAR MASTER® to any teacher at any district.”

Elementary Curriculum Coordinator in Michigan
“When we decided to branch off to our virtual school, we always knew we would choose PREPWORKS® again because it worked so well in our last school. What was so great is that it truly worked for students across all levels and scores which does not happen with any other program. We think it’s so great.”

Director of Counseling in Miami, FL
“We have a relatively wide range of academically achieving students in our population, and PREPWORKS® can address all their unique needs and issues. We entrust them exclusively with our very highest-scoring students for National Merit Qualification preparation, and we feel equally comfortable when encouraging anxious and weaker testers to prep with PREPWORKS®. If I had to pinpoint a single aspect of PREPWORKS® that is most compelling, it would be their individual and thorough approach to understanding our school’s needs and goals, and providing creative, customized solutions.”