Integrated Standards Prep™ to help ALL students achieve success. Designed by teachers for teachers.


Principal, Santa Rosa ISD
“Scores went from the 60s to the 90s. Woooo!"
STAAR MASTER®, TEPSA Conference 2018

Teacher/Principal Mentee
“STAAR MASTER® has provided the rigor that students need to prepare for the STAAR® and critical thinking. Being a Title I school, my students still rise to the level and move to new heights.”
STAAR MASTER®, TEPSA Conference 2018

Principal, Grand Prairie ISD
“I’ve used the STAAR® prep booklets for several years. The questions are well-structured and help students advance thinking to the rigor required. Students love the challenge and the scores show it.”

5th Grade Dual Teacher, New Caney ISD
“As a teacher, I loved the product! It was easy to plan for STAAR® review in my Dual Language classroom since materials were available in both languages. Everyone was on the same page, all while differentiated to each child’s needs!”
STAAR MASTER®, TEPSA Conference 2018

Sikina D.
Math Teacher in Central TX
“STAAR MASTER® has allowed my students to be successful and gain tremendous insight into many concepts and skills. I use this series every year...I love it!”

Anita S.
Math Teacher in North TX
“I used STAAR MASTER® Student Practice Books all year long and was so excited when we got our test results at the end of the year. My eighth-grade students had a 96% pass rate.”

Shay P.
Elementary Curriculum Coordinator in East TX
“STAAR MASTER® has been my ‘saving grace’ resource. My students have experienced success using this product, both academically and emotionally. I recommend STAAR MASTER® to any teacher at any district.”