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ECS Learning Systems Expands PREPWORKS® by Creating the First System of Age-Appropriate Blended Learning™ Solutions for K-12 Schools


ECS LEARNING SYSTEMS, the leading Integrated Standards Prep™ company and developer of STAAR MASTER®, announced today its PREPWORKS® line of learning solutions, which is the first to offer a research-driven system that provides an age-appropriate blend of print and digital resources for students in grades K through 12.


PREPWORKS® delivers supplemental curricula to private, charter, and public schools and districts, as well as non-profit organizations across the country. The new PREPWORKS® texts for math and reading in grades 3 through 8 are available in three editions: the Florida edition (aligned to Florida Standards Assessments), the California edition (aligned to California Content Standards) and the National edition (aligned to Common Core State Standards). The Student Work Texts are rigorously aligned to help students and teachers exceed their respective state standards.


“Building on ECS Learning Systems’ acquisition of PREPWORKS®, we are creating a line of learning solutions under the PREPWORKS® brand to pioneer the concept of Age-Appropriate Blended Learning™ for elementary, middle, and high schools. These comprehensive offerings use a unique mix of digital and paper-based instructional material for each grade level to maximize effectiveness,” said David Cumberbatch, CEO of ECS Learning Systems. “We are bringing the same level of quality research and attention to detail that we are known for with our expansion of PREPWORKS® from high school into elementary and middle schools.”


For grades 7 through 12, PREPWORKS® continues to offer fully digital learning solutions for Algebra 1, Geometry, Civics, US History, Biology, PSAT, SAT, and ACT. ECS Learning Systems plans to continue to add subjects to the PREPWORKS® line of learning solutions over the next few years and to continue to develop the computer-adaptive ECS Learning Positioning Systems® (LPS) platform to power its digital offerings. In Texas, ECS Learning Systems will continue to sell STAAR MASTER® for grades 1 through 8, and PREPWORKS® for high school only.


About ECS Learning Systems

ECS Learning Systems pioneered the Integrated Standards Prep™ approach in its quality education solutions that build core knowledge that is fully-aligned to state standards and work to ensure students complete tests with confidence. Founded in 1982 in San Antonio, Texas, ECS Learning Systems is the Integrated Standards Prep company that helps almost half a million students annually with STAAR MASTER®, TEST SMART®, NOVEL UNITS®, and PREPWORKS®. Building on its strong presence in Texas with STAAR MASTER®, the Company operates a line of Learning Centers under the TEST SMART® brand and literature guides under the NOVEL UNITS® brand. ECS Learning Systems announced the acquisition of PREPWORKS® in May 2018.


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