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ECS Learning Systems PREPWORKS Wins Four EDDIE Awards from ComputED

PREPWORKS, the Most Awarded Line of Test Prep Solutions, Has Earned 43 Industry Honors Since 2013

ECS Learning Systems, the leading Integrated Standards Prep™ company and developer of STAAR MASTER®, announced today that PREPWORKS®, its new line of test prep solutions, won four EDDIE awards from ComputED Gazette. For 2018, ECS Learning Systems’ PREPWORKS won an EDDIE for each of its Algebra, Geometry, and Civics programs, as well as one in College/Career readiness for its ACT and SAT courses.

“As the most awarded line of test prep solutions, ECS Learning Systems through PREPWORKS is providing innovative blended learning options to students across the United States,” said David Cumberbatch, CEO of ECS Learning Systems. “We are excited to continue the legacy PREPWORKS started with its first award in 2013 and with more than 43 national education technology awards for its industry-leading solutions in College and Career Readiness (for its ACT and SAT solutions), Algebra 1 (new for 2018), Geometry, and Civics.”

ComputED is one of the premier computer education resources in California sponsoring The Best Educational Software Awards (BESSIES) in the spring, and the Education Software Review Awards (EDDIES) in the summer. As part of the EDDIE awards, ComputED reviewed the ECS Learning Systems PREPWORKS College and Career Readiness SAT Adaptive Course in depth and commented:

“The SATs are, arguably, the most important test a young person will ever take. It determines which college he/she can attend, whether scholarships and grants are available, and so much more. Preparing for the tests is paramount! But how to go about that?

PREPWORKS has the answer: PREPWORKS College & Career Readiness SAT Adaptive Course. First and foremost, it is an elegant program with clear graphics and a simple, user-friendly interface. Designed to adapt to individual users in real time based on performance in each lesson area, it is incredibly thorough and rich in practice and instruction. The SAT Adaptive Course offers thousands of HD video lessons and practice questions with detailed explanations, three SAT practice tests, a library of thousands of core knowledge videos, access to a live instructor, and, if a student doesn't gain at least 200 points, PREPWORKS will refund the fee (although the average point gain is 300 points).

While there's nothing flashy about the SAT Adaptive Course, it is a very well-rounded, comprehensive tool from which most students will benefit, and we highly recommend this 2018 EDDIES College/Career Readiness Website winner.”

ECS Learning Systems pioneered the concept of Integrated Test Prep and is now introducing the concept of Age-Appropriate Blended Learning for elementary, middle, and high schools. These comprehensive offerings will use a unique mix of digital and paper-based instructional material for each grade level to maximize effectiveness. Through its brands, STAAR MASTER®, TESTSMART®, NOVEL UNITS® and PREPWORKS®, ECS Learning offers a diverse portfolio of supplementary education products. ECS Learning Systems announced the acquisition of PREPWORKS in May 2018.

PREPWORKS Student Work Texts for Math and Reading in grades 3 through 8 were recently introduced and are available in a Florida edition, 100% aligned to Florida Standards Assessments. There are also California, National (Common Core aligned), and Texas (under the STAAR MASTER brand) editions. The Student Work Texts are rigorously developed to help students and teachers meet and exceed state standards.

ECS Learning Systems offers STAAR MASTER in Texas for grades 1 through 8. In Texas and nationally, ECS Learning Systems offers PREPWORKS’ fully digital adaptive learning solutions for Algebra 1, Geometry, Civics, US History, Biology, PSAT, SAT, and ACT, for grades 7 to 12. ECS Learning Systems plans to continue to add subjects to the PREPWORKS and STAAR MASTER lines of learning solutions over the next few years and to continue to develop its computer-adaptive Learning Positioning Systems ® (LPS) platform to power its digital offerings.

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