Integrated Standards Prep™ to help ALL students achieve success. Designed by teachers for teachers.

Mission and Values

Our Mission

Helping ALL students achieve academic success

Our Core Values

Problem Solvers

We solve problems with confidence by following a process to identify underlying issues and pursue effective solutions quickly. We do NOT get stuck, do nothing, or accept bad outcomes.


We choose to be optimistic every day at work. We actively cultivate a positive atmosphere at work and are motivated by competition and challenges.

Continuous Learners

We strive for ongoing improvement and lifelong learning. We are honest about our skill gaps and conscientiously pursue opportunities to advance our productivity, exploit new processes and technologies, and grow as professionals.


We are hard workers. We work diligently every day with energy and commitment to ensure the job gets done.


We are humble as leaders and team members. We highlight the contributions of others to achieving our collective goals. We support, encourage, and listen to each other and encourage cooperation at all levels.