Integrated Standards Prep™ to help ALL students achieve success. Designed by teachers for teachers.


What We Do

ECS Learning Systems develops supplemental and blended learning solutions under the brand STAAR MASTER® to help ALL students in Grades K–12th achieve academic success and mastery of state standards. We do this by developing proprietary content, and maintaining affordable pricing.


Over 35 Years of Proven Success

Our products are built on independent scientific research and have a long track record of success, as shown by our testimonials and success storiesawards, and efficacy research.

Proven Success

Adaptive Platform

State-of-the-Art Adaptive Platform

We are committed to providing the most effective learning solutions available today. As a result, we have developed the Learning Positioning System® to personalize pathways through the curriculum and maximize learning outcomes for each child.

Age-Appropriate Blended Learning

We offer blended learning solutions that integrate our paper/pencil solutions with our digital solutions to produce the most effective personalized learning experience for each student.

Blended Learning