Integrated Standards Prep™ to help ALL students achieve success. Designed by teachers for teachers.


What We Do

ECS Learning Systems develops supplemental and blended learning solutions under the brands STAAR MASTER®, STAAR MASTER DIGITAL®PREPWORKS®, and TEST SMART® to help ALL students in Grades K–12th achieve academic success and mastery of state standards. We do this by adhering to our proven Integrated Standards PrepTM methodology, leveraging our award-winning Learning Positioning System®, a digital adaptive learning platform, developing proprietary content, and maintaining affordable pricing.


Over 35 Years of Proven Success

Our products are built on independent scientific research and have a long track record of success, as shown by our testimonials and success storiesawards, and efficacy research.

Proven Success

Adaptive Platform

State-of-the-Art Adaptive Platform

We are committed to providing the most effective learning solutions available today. As a result, we have developed the Learning Positioning System® to personalize pathways through the curriculum and maximize learning outcomes for each child.

Age-Appropriate Blended Learning

We offer blended learning solutions that integrate our paper/pencil solutions with our digital solutions to produce the most effective personalized learning experience for each student.

Blended Learning

Our Products